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Imagine this and then more…

If three months ago, someone had told you: All schools will be closedAll public gathering including Sports matches will be cancelledLas Vegas Casinos will be closedGovt. across the world thinking how to pay money directly to citizensLandlords will stop collecting rentsSubways will run empty. Wild animals will be running on Mumbai streets. Planes will sit

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Invasion of the BOTs (Part 2)

Part 1 recap: How invasion of the BOTs is shaping up Roadblocks they yet to overcome Who are leading the charge – List of BOTs with cool information and trivia Read the Part 1 of the article here: All right, let’s jump right to the Part 2: We left following important things for the

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Invasion of the BOTS! (Part 1)

Don’t you get a suspicion when you’re using an app and realize someone is watching you? Someone is there to proactively suggest the thing that you didn’t even know you wanted three minutes ago? Well, you are not alone. Something, if not someone, is really in there. And you’re indeed not alone as millions of

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Part 2: Unleashing the dragons…err, enterprise mobile apps (aka Enterprise and Mobile Strategy)

This is the part two of the article about Enterprise Mobile Strategy. You can read the part one here. Continuing from the part one where we discussed user centric points, let’s discuss some resource and infrastructure aspects. Allowing mobile access adds to stress level of the IT and the upper management, as suddenly a large

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