If three months ago, someone had told you:

All schools will be closed
All public gathering including Sports matches will be cancelled
Las Vegas Casinos will be closed
Govt. across the world thinking how to pay money directly to citizens
Landlords will stop collecting rents
Subways will run empty.
Wild animals will be running on Mumbai streets.
Planes will sit gathering dust
Millions and millions will be jobless
Homeless people will be staying in hotels

Would you have believed it?

Withing 3 months life has changed.
And I’m not sure people will return to the Pre Dec 31 2019 days.

The trauma of this will run deep

Even if scientists find a cure or vaccine, people will look back to this period and will demand answers. They should. We should. I should. and You should.

For now, I’ve to add Corona virus fits in perfectly for the book premise I’m working on. I’m not happy, but I’d already written about SARS and Swine Flu in my book. Corona is just another entry to the list of deceases that forces humans to separate from animals.

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