Bloody Ink (eBook)


When Home Minister is assassinated, police hunt Naxalites in Calcutta. Manav, an investigative journalist exposes police brutality. Police implicate him in a conspiracy but Manav evades arrest. On the run, Manav discovered a Maoist rebellion ready to strike. Dark secrets behind the rebellion threaten Manav’s life. Will Manav survive and defeat the armed rebellion.

Read about Manav’s intriguing journey in my book: Bloody Ink

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Manav, an investigative journalist, is known for his daring exposés on police brutality and government corruption in Calcutta, India. At the same time, Naxalism, a new Marxist-Maoist movement, is spreading like fire in Eastern India. Manav is sympathetic to Naxalites’ struggle, but he rejects their weapon of choice – violence.

When a powerful politician is assassinated, Manav’s enemies frame him in the murder conspiracy forcing him to abscond. Ripped apart from Calcutta and his identity, Manav struggles to adapt; however, his investigative nature can’t be bottled for long.

In search of a local story, when Manav ventures deep inside a jungle, he stumbles upon a rebellion whose dark secrets shake foundation of his beliefs and drive him to the brink. In order to survive and defeat the rebellion, Manav has to first rediscover his life’s purpose.




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