What’s the inspiration behind Sniper in a Curry Shop?

The idea for the thriller and action book ‘Sniper in a Curry Shop’ came to me when I was at Northern VA in 2002. Starting one in October, someone started killing random people. One might be at a bus stop, at a gas station, or in a parking lot. And boom, a bullet would come and kill people. This caused enormous panic. People stayed indoors, while filling in the gas they ducked and bobbed. Schools were closed. The roadblocks caused miles long traffic jams. It was a complete chaos. But on the top, no one knew what the motive was. So there were abundance of theories. People speculated this was about terrorism, immigration.

Some said the sniper wants to kill Mexicans. I mean at the border there are vigilantes patrolling with sniper rifles and killing illegal immigrants. Then I stretched that thought further, what if someone starts killing Indian Americans?

And that’s how the Sniper in a Curry Shop germinated.

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