English Poems.

On a distant horizon, a black spot lingers slowly becoming an old man, traveling on camelback

Desert rising, falling, reflecting stars Camel tired, thirsty, dragging its feet…

Rejuvenated by cool water; both delighted, smelling life in lungs, happy

Curious to see a settler, old man asks, Nobody stays at an oasis; what keeps you here, son?

Here, afraid of losing the way, I wish to live on Fearful of taking chances, too scared to move on

Worried, the old man ponders, But haven’t you heard air flows with you? Don’t you know death waits for you? Aren’t you aware life slips away?

Hasn’t the secret been revealed to you? You take a step, and the oasis walks with you.

Sitting by a riverbank, I tossed a stone in, Water splat in thousands, opening the old wounds

Worried if I wounded the animal I leaned over and it stared back

The face stranger, still vaguely familiar Like some distant memories, still pure, still vivid

Woods deep, calm, dark, silent spectators, always inviting, always enchanting

Deer hunted, tired, chased, spent Flowers fresh, blooming, wet

I dip my hands in the deer’s blood; I store flower’s scent in my lungs I dive deep in waters, wishing to confront lying animal

It may be there, it may be here, I traverse the full path, surprised in knowing, Deeper, currents travel against the flow…

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