Hey Guys,
Im starting a new initiative to bring out the voice and aspirations of my immigrant friends. The need for this was clearly demonstrated by some of my recent experiences.
After the election, I was speaking with some of my friends and everyone was worried about whats coming up the next. Muslims and Mexicans were obviously alarmed but others were equally concerned about the deteriorating environment. I fully see their viewpoint. Its exactly similar to what I described in my book Sniper in a Curry Shop.
It need was also bolstered by my recent experience when a kid at a mall in Santa Clara came to me and asked, Are you a Muslim? You can check out my other video where I narrate the encounter why it shook me and broke my bubble.
So these experiences pushed me. The narrative that immigrants are bad and undesirable is winning over other viewpoints. Its sweeping over the globe. And everyone needs to counter it. Because in a sense, everyone is an immigrant or a migrant. Difference is only of time. Some came in early and some came in late.
Hence it prompted me to act. Im going to meet a variety of immigrants and talk to them about their experiences, dreams, ideas, contribution etc. These videos will be uploaded in YouTube.
Stay tuned.

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